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How to Become a Doctor in Pakistan?


Doctor in Pakistan , it is a profession which is highly respected and highly honored from people in all walks of life. There are many types of doctors and they try and make life better. There exist various diseases and disorders that plague this earth and at times natural and man-made accidents (gun shots, car accidents) also occur, hence different medical problems are taken care of by different types of doctors according to their specialization. Medicine is one of the most pursued professions in the world and it is one of the highest paying jobs as well.

Medical is considered to be one of the hardest professions.
Fifty nine percent of respondents believe that overall Physicians in Pakistan are unhappy. When asked directly about their own level of unhappiness, respondents gave almost equivocal reply (43% dissatisfied vs 42% satisfied). ... High proportion of doctors (55%) would prefer to be in any other country than Pakistan.
approx 11,000 unemployed doctors
There are a number of clinical institutes attached to Islamabad Medical and Dental College for clinical practice. The estimated fee for the MBBS program is around Rs. 665000 per annum and Rs. 650000 for BDS.

How to become a doctor in Pakistan?

  1.  If you are really interested then also go for a summer internship at a hospital to get a better idea of how it feels to be in the field.
  2. The next step is to apply to 2 or 3 medical schools of your preference and ensure that they are suitable to your specialization requirements and highly reputed medical schools.
  3. After passing the admission process and the tough admission test (like an MCAT), you do 5 years of studying and clinical training followed by one year of internship in different specialties known as a house job.
  4. You officially become a doctor after your MBBS degree and you can apply for a medical license in PMDC.
  5. You can also go into Family Medicine Training Programs – Ziauddin University and Aga Khan University are good places to pursue such training.

Best Medical Colleges of Pakistan:

1. King Edward Medical college (Lahore)
2. Agha Khan Medical college (Karachi)
3. Allama Iqbal Medical college (Lahore)
4. DOW Medical college (Karachi)
5. Fatima Jinnah Medical college (Lahore)
6. Sind Medical college (Karachi)
7. Chanka Medical college (Quetta)
8. Nishtar Medical college (Multan)
9. Rawalpindi Medical college (Rawalpindi)
10. Quaid-e-Azam Medical college (Bahawalpur)

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