How to Pick A Blog Niche for Better Results [2022 Edition]

The understanding of Picking a blog niche will determine your blog future successful or the ignorance of this information can lead to a failure.

1. Your passion

Utilize your previous experience as well as your hobbies and experiences as well as your current interests, experiences and books, and your achievements in life as a starting point to select your area of interest. For example, if you are a gamer, you might consider start a Game blog.

2. Low Competition Niche = Fast Results

There is also the issue of competition that you must consider Before entering  into a particular subject. You should stay clear of a high-competitive niches, since a lot of Experts have created websites within the same area.

It is the primary rule for successful choosing a niche. The goal is to select a niche that isn’t very popular, and many people are researching it. Yet it have potential to grow over time. (See trends in the selection of niches) to have a clear understanding of this.

3. Your Specialization

If you want to use passion as a factor to determine a good niche, but don’t ignore your previous knowledge in the area of choosing a niche. Particularly, considering that a lot of websites depend on Google search for traffic, experience is a aspect to take into consideration.

A few years back Google made it clear that they look at author expertise to rank a website

4. Topic Relevancy In The Future

It’s clear that you have found a few niches to you, but what’s the future of these niches?

Monitoring the trend and making sure that the trend has risen over time, ensure that you remain relevant for the years to the future.

Here’s how to make use of Google trends to your advantage.

  • Visit
  • Enter your niche topic
  • Choose the country of your choice (Ex: Worldwide, India, United States, Australia)
  • Select the range of years (Ex 3 years)

And Google will show how the interest of users has declined or increased on that Topic.

 Google trends

5. Is Your Niche Monetizable?

Review other blogs within a similar niche (broad and narrow) and find out how they’re earning money for their blog.

Google AdSense or is certainly the most common way of monetizing any niche


If you have already established a website , You can utilize this guide to give it a new direction. This will make your future success proof , but you won’t be like many bloggers who have quit blogging due to a wrong choice of the right niche.

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