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  • Introduction:

ITao lets you express yourself and makes sure that the new hot trends do not leave you out. iTao is a forum in which everyone can interact and help each other out with their shopping experiences. You can get tips on finding the floral leggings you always wanted with iTao, or you can become a blogger read by hundreds and thousands of fans.

  • Here are only a few of the things that can be achieved with iTao:
  • Obtain all the details! ITao offers a large array of valuable consumer and experienced blogger data and feedback.
  • Communicate with buyers and bloggers directly.
  • Upload videos. Add philtres, and edit your images to the content of your heart.
  • Engage with free giveaways in thrilling promotions and tournaments.
  • Keep up with all the special deals up to date.
  • Learn to create wonderful looks in your wardrobe out of simple clothes.
  • Discover fascinating items in your city on sale by consumers. You can re-sell things that you do not need, too.

  • A bit of history at iTao

Several years ago, iTao was launched on the AliExpress website. Its original aim was to provide AliExpress customers with an opportunity to share reviews on cool (and not so cool) products and to help others select high-quality products among millions of products offered by AliExpress vendors. Over the years, iTao has become an independent forum for users to post feedback, not just of items purchased from AliExpress, but also from other websites around the world. Users will also discuss interesting topics and purchase or re-sell items inside their city to others.

  • Main characteristics:

A forum to handle trade quotes communications and orders from other countries quickly. A push notification, SNS and management system for mobile marketing. A website for information on trade and e-commerce. Online market workshops for vendors. Data on events that are offline. The app enhances market management and streamlines customer interaction, whether you are an importer, an exporter, a foreign exchange corporation, a wholesaler or an independent market. This app is an management and information platform for suppliers. In order to further communicate and connect with prospective customers, suppliers can access trade and marketing facilities with it.

  • Importance:

With this app, you can source goods and contact supplier’s on-the-go. All at your fingertips are industry news, product trends, exhibition information and lists of quality suppliers. Through the 20 + HKTDC Product Magazines, 30 + exhibitions each year in Hong Kong organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), and the many intelligent features of the App, enjoy fruitful sourcing– Download HKTDC Commodity Magazines and HKTDC Trade Fair Official Catalogues to keep you well informed about industry insights and product trends and linked to quality suppliers from Hong Kong and around the world.  Find goods, locate exhibitors and schedule your visit before our trade fair.  Register and enable electronic admission passes for trade fairs for fast fairground access.  Bookmark, take notes, and make instant inquiries through our QR code scanner to suppliers. Be the first to get our most recent news and updates. Register and login to to receive personalized product alerts and magazine alerts.

  • Features:
  • Search by type, keyword, or auction dates of equipment
  • Refine search by location of type, make, or item
  • Show item characteristics, inspection report, photo gallery and Ironclad Assurance 
  • Place the push notification bid when the item is outbid or won.
  • Save things to your List of Watch
  • Direct access to your Purchase / Sell / Watch Lists
  • Witness auctions and live bidding events
  • Calling customer service with one tap

  • Why this App is unique?

We will bring you REAL-TIME findings that we will gather from all the major sites such as eBay, amazon, aliexpress, banggod, gearbest, and geekbuiyng in a few seconds. Our outcome will be based on your geo-location, which implies shipping results that are more important. In a few seconds, we will correlate all the scores from the various sites and show you just the best match. About values: In order to take off the hassle of searching between so many sites like amazon, eBay, aliexpress etc, we are obliged to offer you the best result in a short time.And helping you make the right decision, and saving a lot of money is most critical.

  • About:

The new Ecommerce comparison engine gives you the power to compare all major ecommerce websites such as eBay , Amazon, Aliexpress, Gearbest, etc. And it’ll save you money and time.Compare prices and find the best results for you from the most popular shopping websites.From websites like Amazon, Aliexpress, Ebay, Ban good, and Gear best, the best matching results from the most popular e-commerce websites will appear in a few seconds. To narrow down the choices to be able to find the best price for the product you are searching for, you can browse and sort the items, add them to your personal wish list, as well as see hot offers and promotions from around the web. You will be sent safely and securely to the product page on the origin shopping website with one click on the selected item. Time is money in our world and we want to save you time looking online for goods while finding you the best prices out there.

  • Conclusion:

Too simple in iTao, a good app helped find nice things. My images can be changed quickly in a matter of seconds. A handy App for daily AliExpress online customers.   


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