IMVU is a 3D avatar-based social experience with the largest 3D world

IMVU: Virtual Life! Style, Avatar 3D, Social Chats

  • Introduction:

With the largest 3D environment and catalogue, IMVU is a 3D avatar-based social experience to customise your look and meet new people. Chat with friends, play roles and join millions of others for free in a virtual world.IMVU is a group chat and virtual world simulator game. More than a life simulation, it is a virtual life in itself, where with your avatar, you can reach a 3D environment and choose your life as you want it to be. Customize a 3D avatar, customise a friend’s own animated emoji and message! In IMVU, your perfect life, love life and virtual life await. A virtual world that is fun and vibrant where you can make new friends. With millions of users from all over the world, Club Cooee is a real social chat game. Chat, have fun, and make friends: it’s free and simple.

  • Creation Avatar:
  • Choose your life and make yourself personalized.
  • You can build yourself from top to bottom with the 3D avatar builder.
  • Play the part of your virtual life as much as you like-get weird, get wild, it’s all you!
  • To match your style, avatar looks will shift-shop without limits

  • 3D CHAT 

Talk to friends from around the world. The Chat Lobby helps you to communicate close and far with players. Avatar chat provides you with full conversations that are more than instant messages. Express Yourself, Like Yourself. Chat with friends using your personal WithMoji animation. For you and your friends to play an online social game. Your Virtual life: Your life is an avatar; make it what you want it to be. Want a story about love? IMVU can be a dating simulator for your love life as an avatar. To create an amazing plot, play a part and talk with friends. You can pose, add filters, and post pictures while chatting to get people talking. Interactive chat with a number of emotes, emesis and features. Please follow the steps below for 3D avatar chat rooms on older systems. Take into account that your experience might not be ideal. In the top left corner, tap the primary navigator. Select Options for graphics. Tap on” Total 3D. Then join and experience 3D in your favorite chat room. Here’s all you’re looking for: second life, character development, chat room and dress up.

  • Functions:

You can go to your 3D avatar’s virtual 3D chat parties and get to know new friends quickly and playfully. With more than 500,000 insane costumes, you can create a 3D avatar. The outfits other users have built will thrill you. The new music is often played at a virtual talk party or a virtual concert and you can even be a DJ, too. For your 3D avatar, the store provides the hottest dances and dance steps, so the party mood is great. Thousands of 3D virtual chat rooms are waiting for you, where you can party round the clock. Build a virtual 3D chat room of your own and decide for yourself. You have the choice: inside, outdoors, on the beach, at home, day or night. You are never alone in our virtual world. In Club Ocoee, many have already met the love of their lives, started a virtual family, or lived a virtual life. You can, of course, go on a virtual date here as well. You can talk with your friends in a fun way through the built-in avatar talk: romantic dancing, embracing, kissing, or just doing nonsense for fun. We look forward to having you over here! Now install the free app, build and enter a virtual group with your 3D avatar.

  • CHAT and meet new individuals

Chat with friends from around the globe. Visit and make new friends at virtual parties and concerts. Enjoy the virtual world where virtual parties are the center of all and find new friends Chat with friends and use 3D emesis to dance closely together, hug each other or simply do nonsense. Let your 3D avatar dance and demonstrate who you are, who you want and to whom you belong. Give small gifts from their wish list to other people to draw attention to yourself and fin. To draw attention to you and find new friends, give others small gifts from their wish list

  • Party Role-play:

Move freely in the virtual world. Go with your 3D avatar to the DJ booth and play your favorite YouTube tracks. Visit Internet radio stations in 3D chat rooms and communicate with the host live. Open your own 3D music interactive chat club and allocate DJs, bouncers, or dancers jobs. For a house party, pool party, a romantic dinner or date, invite other 3D avatars into your personal virtual world. Start a virtual family and happily live your virtual life and care about it.

  • Profile:

Using your profile to attract the attention of people to you. Show insane images in your timeline of your 3D avatar and make new friends. Keep up to date with your virtual family and circle of friends

  • Game Social:

Collect accomplishments, badges and unusual artefacts. Demonstrate what you have in virtual 3D quiz rooms. Climb the Charts for XP, DJ, and Quiz. Offer rare goods and make a profit in the built-in marketplace

  • Conclusion:

It’s a fun game to play with friends and I love the graphics! It’s amazing because I made cool friends for real! I say it’s a good thing because we can party without leaving our home or thinking about COVID-19. Thank you for making this game.

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