DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser has the speed you need

     DuckDuckGo App (the best              search engine)

  • Introduction:


DuckduckGo app is a very useful app. We can depict it as the search engine that does not track you. It is the only app which promises not to track you and not to use cookies to follow users. Further, it never collects any of your personal information and personal data. 

The best thing about DuckDuckGo app is, that your IP address is hidden. There is no history tab or option to find out what you have searched for. They protect your history and not save it. It has become popular among all the users and it is growing day by day.

It is an internet search engine. You can search whatever you want very fairly and without any tension. It will give you a complete set of privacy.

  • DuckDuckGo doesn’t track you:


You do not know that with the search engine, you are using, is tracking you and collecting all of your information and secrets, you will agree with this idea that your personal information should remain private.

So, DuckDuckGo app does not track you like the other search engines. If we talk about Google it tracks you and collects all of your data and secrets.

Here,what you will search will be tracked by Google but whenever you search on the DuckDuckGo app it is as if you have never been there before.

They do not store anything and this app has not history tab in its settings.

Google tracks you everywhere even on YouTube ,Gmail ,Gmaps, Android

but DuckDuckGo  is not like this, you will feel very safe, when you will use DuckDuckGo application.

  • Best to secure your secrets:


It is the best app by which we can easily keep our personal information and secrets secure. Number of people are suffering this problem that they do not want to share their secrets with anyone but there is always a third party who remains always busy in collecting the information of users. 

So, if you are also suffering with the same problem and want to be free of this problem then go and download this application in a minute from the Google play store when it will be installed, then nothing is tough you do not need to log in or have to add any of your information in this application everything is very easy to use here whatever you will search will not record in history. 

  • Settings of DuckDuckGo App:


When you open this search engine after the complete process of installation you will see three dots on the upper right corner when you will click on it a slip will appear to you.

Here you will notice that there is no option of history that is available in all the other search engines like Google. You can also select and change the theme of this app if you are using it in daytime then you will prefer to have light theme, and if you are using it at night time then you will prefer to have dark theme so that you can easily use it and the light of the mobile will not tease you.

All the settings are very easy to understand and to use also. It is the best application that provides you a lot of security. I’m sure that you have never used a better search engine before that keeps your secrets safe.

  • They don’t try to trap you:


DuckDuckGo App will never try to trap you. It promised to not to keep your secrets. You are free to use it or to search anything anywhere. You can trust this app.

Millions of people are using it just for the sake, to keep their secrets secure. You are very lucky that you have now, this application. It is totally free for everyone. You can search everything in it, every website. Google is simply too big and too powerful, can easily trap you and that can easily protect and save your secrets in the history of settings that will be deleted.

So you can easily trust this app and you can check the reviews of the people that are users of this app and this app is growing day by day. 

Many people prefer to use this application due to its super quality, that is, not to catch the information, personal information of the users. You will like to share this application with your family and friends. They will also admire it’s features and it’s qualities.

  • Conclusion:


In a nutshell, that we observe from all the above details about the DuckDuckGo application, we may safely say that it is best app that keeps your secrets secure. You will find no app, this type of application that is 100% secure and safe that does not track you and does not have any purpose to trap you like the other search engines. Once you use it, you will feel more safe.

If we compare it with Google as we have explained already. It is far better than the Google search engine so if you are in search of the best search engine that can keep your secrets secure and keep your personal information secure then you must grab this application just go to the Google play store and grab the app and just install it to your mobile or any your device that you are using, then you are free to search anything you want.


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