Azar make friends with people from over 190 countries


  • Introduction:

Azar enables you to speak to people from over 190 countries and make friends with them. Over 400 million worldwide downloads. Over 80 billion matches. Featured in over 140 + countries on the Google Play Store.

  • Discovering & connecting:

At the turn of each swipe, Azar enables you to meet somebody new. You will discover new cultures and people from all over the world with ease. Meet new people via live video calls from all over the world (using 3 G, 4 G, and Wi-Fi). Pick the area and sex of your choosing and start generating new conversations. To add new people to your list of friends and spark discussion and receive video calls / messages to existing friends. Don’t think about foreign languages! In real time, chats are interpreted. Share Azar and make more interactions with people around you. On Google Play Store and Facebook, please leave a review. 

  • Building a greater and more friendly culture in Azar:

The Azar team is committed to building a service that can be used safely by everyone. With each swipe, we believe our users are able to meet new and genuine people. To keep the Azar community at its best, please respect other users and follow our community guidelines.

  • Personal Information Security:

 All sensitive information is kept in a secure manner and is not sold or exchanged with third parties. Other users cannot see details other than what you write explicitly on the profile. There is no sharing of your precise location with any other user or third party. You are responsible for the information that you send to the other party once you communicate with Azar.

  • Salient characteristics:

Filters and Stickers of Video

 To make live video chat more fun, add a range of video filters and stickers to your live video.

Free Call to Video

 Without any limitations, you can make free video calls with your Tumble buddies.

Streaming Mobile

Anytime, anywhere, live video chat on your phone. To share your love and support, video chat or text with your friends.

Video Chat Online

Free live video chat with people from around the globe. To change the match, you can video chat with people you are interested in, or swipe left.

History of Chat

Privately preserve your chat history. At any time, you can read it. Always stay in touch with your friends from Tumile.

 Email Chat Chat

 You can opt to use free text chat if you don’t like face-to – face video chat. Only send an emoji and say hello directly via text chat if you are shy.Fitted with a range of emojis and GIFs that you can use to actively chat.

Sign in easily and instantly:

To log into Tumile easily without having to sign up for trouble, use Facebook.Or, to quickly sign in and start enjoying the free online video chat right away, use your phone number.

  • Importance:

It is an outstanding forum for individuals from all over the world to learn foreign languages. In a one-on-one video chat room, start a video chat and take classes with your language instructor. Wherever you are, it will take you to this App. This is what this Appcan do for you, and it is easy! The relation is quick and convenient. A terrific video chat app online. Using live video chat to communicate with everyone in the world with just one click. You can video chat with millions of people with this, and have real-time interactions with talented or funny individuals from various countries. You can personalise the look with our new video philtres and video stickers. Compared to other online video chat applications, this App has a lot of interesting functions, not just video chat.

  • About permission for apps:

Storage: Send / save images to the chat room and save them on your laptop.

Location data: This is for matches to be found near your current location.

Microphone: This is during a video chat / call to relay your voice.

Camera: This is for video chat / call authorization.

  • Make the world safer and healthier:

Maintaining user protection and positive interactions in this App is the first goal of the this app Team. Through offering the utmost care and service, we accomplish this, so that everyone can comfortably appreciate what Azar has to offer. To keep Bermuda clean at all times, please respect other users and follow our guidelines.

  • User Information Security:

All user information is secured and never exchanged with any third party on our secure server. Other users will be shown only your profile information that you plan to make public. Be aware of personal or private information that you can share during Bermuda conversations. Your position is never revealed in full.

  • How to appreciate the AZAR app:

At the beginning of the conversation, say or type hello to the linked individual to break the ice. Report inappropriate behavior; within 24 hours, we ban those users. Please share your culture as AZAR matches you around the world.

  • Conclusion:

This app is really good for meeting new people and having fun in it, but occasionally people swipe even if you just got into your face time, but it’s really good other than that. For the intro bid, coins are cheap-$ 1 lasted 4 minutes cam to cam, and even a few reveals. Otherwise, a little high, but it works and a lot of girls are available. Whatever I like, let’s pick who you’re drawn to.


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