Ashtar curriculum based e-learning platform for K-12 students


  • Introduction:

Ashtar is a curriculum-based

e-learning platform for K-12 students that integrate world class education at affordable rates with personal convenience. By providing them with the proper quality of education through a personalized learning experience, we empower today’s youth to fulfill their ambitions and lead better future lives. For students from grades 1 to 12, Ashtar provides a holistic learning solution across three key modes: learning, practice and play.

  • Features:

Each lesson is a learning journey made up of the following characteristics: Instructional videos of instructors of top quality. Questions and answers to test your comprehension of the subject. Summary notes that cover the most relevant details. Customized progress reports to track your results. At the end of each lecture, evaluate. Practicing Get access to the biggest question bank and practice as many questions on any amount of subjects you want to review as you want. Since learning should be enjoyable, you can gain points on Ashtar during your learning experience, and compete on the leaderboard with students of the same grade level, or in the learning league with your mates.

  • And why Ashtar?

Ashtar is accredited by Cognia, one of the world’s largest accreditation organizations for education. With over 40,000 instructional videos and 30,000 summary notes, Ashtar covers the whole curriculum. With more than 150,000 questions with written and video responses, Ashtar provides the largest question bank. 

  • Systems of Education:
  • Egyptian Arabic National Structure
  • National English Framework Egyptian
  • National French Egyptian Scheme
  • International American Scheme (coming soon)

Ashtar will be available for free until the end of the current academic year, considering the continuing global health situation. Just stay safe.

  • Characteristics:

You will attend live classes by top professors, overcome your doubts, and study for your tests. Learning app for students. You learn to use fun quizzes, practice questions, interactive learning resources, and much more with people you like, your peers and instructors. And it’s all yours.

  • Best Teachers Worldwide:

We’ve got the best teachers from all over the world and from your school as well. Join, and learn from, their courses.

  • Live Virtual Classes:

Take part in live lessons, have a live chat with your teacher and colleagues, and clear up your questions in the session.

  • The Teams Breakouts:

With your mates into teams during your live class breakout and work with your squad to learn better and ace your exams.

  • Become interested in a friendly competition:

Challenge your mates to play, answer questions, and see who will end up at the top of the leader-board. At school, you can boast about it.

  • Here are all your friends:

Work with your friends on homework assignments and tasks, connect with them in real-time, share with them, post doubts, write responses to questions from your friends, and learn together.

  • The revision:

Are you taking an exam, having to study for a test, or missing a class? We got documents.

  • Exercise:

Work renders fine. Solve lots of questions and use the practice sets developed by the world’s best teachers to update concepts.

  • One app to learn everything:

In most colleges, and also university classes, we have teachers teaching classes for grade 7, grade 8, grade 9, grade 10, grade 11, grade 12 through different curriculums.

  • About:

Ashtar a Queen Rania Foundation (QRF) project is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) site. Broadcast to the region’s best Arab professors, offering original Arabic courses to further enrich Arab education, established by QRF. We will also provide Arab learners access to courses taught and built at top-level institutions such as Harvard, MITX, and UC BerkelyX in Arabic through our collaboration with edX. All courses are provided to the learner at no cost.

  • Learning Perks on Ashtar:
  • Studying for free
  • Numerous categories, including: Fitness, Science, Languages, Business and Entrepreneurship, Citizenship Education, STEM, Job Skills, Arts & Media, Economics, Architecture and Education, and Teaching
  • Arabic Analysis
  • Lectures on film
  • Activities and Tests
  • Discussions of the Course
  • Best Experts
  • Completion Certificate

Skills: CV Writing, Interviewing Skills, Work Searching Tactics Fitness: Maternal and Child Health, Parenting, First Aid, Introduction to Mental Disorders and more! Advance your career or continue your education in the following subjects: Languages: English, Chinese and French Arts and Media: Graphic Design, Information Design, and Fashion Design, Sciences: Solar Energy, Mathematics, and Physics

  • Online Courses:

Computer technology:  Practice online coding and programming! Now is your chance if you have ever wanted to study Python, Java online or even take mobile development courses. To help you understand data science, extend your horizons by taking a C programming or C++ course, or an R programming course. Learn computer programming in Python, C++ , C #, Java, R programming, JavaScript, Hadoop, etc. with beginning and advanced courses. Learn about online AI, big data , cloud computing, cybersecurity, security of networks, IT, game design and more. To practise database lessons, Excel, Azure, and more, take CS50 from Harvard, research UX, or enroll in Microsoft courses. Finding our Java courses, python courses, web courses, cyber security courses, AI courses and more is never too late to learn new skills.

Company & Management-Courses:  in accounting, risk management , digital marketing, courses in finance, economics, IT, entrepreneurship, management of operations, courses in healthcare and public health, and more.

Math:  math classes, master’s calculus, statistics, and algebra from high school to college level.

Technology & Engineering: Top online classes, including robotics, mechanical engineering , civil engineering and more, in biology , anatomy, chemistry , physics, and other engineering courses.

  • Conclusion:

I like the app very much. I thank you for allowing people like me to learn and get great knowledge from the best universities. Normally, I link to end via its website, but this app is really well designed. Often you can use this app and everything works fine if there is a bug within a course to access any information. Overall, I like the user interface and the quick way my courses can be accessed. Keep up the wonderful work.


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