AP – Asan Pardakht Pay Smarter, Pay Simpler, Pay Anywhere

AP – Asan Pardakht

  • Introduction:

Smarter Pay. Simpler pay. Anywhere to pay. By using our official app, you can conveniently and securely access all payment services you used to use via * 733 #. Access to all of its USSD counterpart’s facilities (* 733 #) and more! Without long, tedious waits in a much simpler way.

  • Special for users of our web app:

Use the barcode reader app to check the bill barcode carved on your bill (although you can manually enter bill info). Track and preserve your financial transaction history. Shake your phone everyday to earn additional points. Services included in our mobile app as well as in * 733 #: Check the balance of your bank card and let us help you recall your daily card numbers. Buy directly from inside the app cell-phone airtime credit & extra 3G/4 G data bundles. Also, direct top-up is available. Pay your bills without arriving at an ATM! Our fascinating system helps you to ask for the sum of your cell phone bill by only knowing your mobile number! It is possible to pay all utility bills through our app and * 733 #. Donate to charity groups. It is as easy as ever to make blessing gifts. It needs internet connectivity for this app.With regular and up-to – date encryption algorithms; all Internet server communications are protected.

  • Functions:

This application encompasses different types of services, such as the observation and payment of accounts between the time and the end of the period and the transfer of credit, the purchasing of internet packages and the observation of the consumption of internet packages, the usage of different key services, such as the payment of purchasing fees, the activation of voice waiting, the discovery of conversations. Activation of different types of rewards and suitable templates in Persian bundles, such as discount dialogues and messages.

  • Via this application, the different services available include:

Principal services:

  • Unpublished constipation by Operation Centers for service delivery
  • Waiting for Service IV RBTT
  • Charge to Buy
  • Deleting and connecting messages
  • Inactive services based on content
  • Payment services
  • Observation and payment of end-of-period accounts
  • Observations and Performance of Intermediate Accounts
  • Increasing plantation
  • The Hasty Payment Gift
  • Credit shift to Permanent Credit
  • Jaring Fee
  • Designs for Incentive:
  • Packages for Conversations
  • Persian bundles with discount

  • The best application for teenagers:

The application is a software application provided in the field that, in addition to having access to all the services provided in the equipment # 1 *, the possibility of using the specialized services provided to you. Among the application services you can name the following:

  • Possible side effects
  • Buy Ballet Queue
  • Buy a bus
  • Iranian and foreign hotel reserves
  • Buy airplane, domestic and international flight ticket
  • Inquiry and payment of fixed phone seizure,
  • Acquisition and payment of telephone seizures
  • Paying Fee,
  • Card to card with ease,
  • Payment for the side effects of constipation,

Constipation with energy, constipation with water. Accessible bank card and current account. Do good works and support charitable institutions. Card from Aberbank Gare.The ability to buy traffic for a date.Internet Asia Buy and Fee. Internet Shuttle Buy. Internet telecommunications buying and billing. Purchase and fee of Sabant Internet. Crime Guide and Play. Possibility to observe transcripts of history. Constipation necessity and end of the time of permanent lines with the first one. Car Breakdown-Auto Occupancy. With Rital and other operators, buy Eransel Charge and First Charge. Purchase Internet and Internet packages with the first operator and other operators. Possibility of buying different forms of insurance (third-party insurance-life insurance-travel insurance-fire insurance). Payment by Mark

  • Payment Service: 

Probability of paying expenses without cash (suitable for non-refundable payment-limited amount). 

  • Service wallet

Possibility to pay without the need for a second code with a hint .Current Bank Card Related to National Banks, Agriculture, Sepa, Economy New, Bank Shahr, De, Ansar, Wisdom of Iranians, Seal of Economy, Future, Post Bank, Qawamin, Capital, Iran Land, Development Cooperation, Rotational Bank, Industry and Min. Rasalat, Kawthar, Middle East, Parsian, Trade, Pasargad, Housing, Workers’ Health, Nation, Nation, Sun, Iranian Growth and Seal. You earn a privilege every time you use the application services, and you can draw lots from the lucky winners of different festivals. Your festivals include a monthly reward of 1 million romans and a special reward of 1 billion tomans, in addition to other great prizes.

  • Features:
  • Opening the window, if available on the handset, using biometric sensors
  • Change of card to card
  • Management of source cards and destination cards
  • Balance of cards
  • Direct Debit Contract
  • Top up service for users of MCI, Irancell and Rightel
  • Buy kit for users of MCI, Irancell and Rightel
  • Payment service for bill
  • Ecommerce 
  • Payment by QR

  • Importance:

You can find banking and financial services in this application, such as QR payment, card to card transfer, and wallet transfer, operator top-up services, operator buying packages and many other services. In this app, users from all mobile network operators can use the services offered. For the first time in Iran, however, MCI users can take advantage of a microloan service in their wallet in the app provided for them. Users will use one of three payment methods to continue with their payments in the app; debit card, wallet and direct debit.

  • Conclusion:

A fairly valuable programmer. With it, life has become much simpler. Fluent interface, quick to use. Very convenient and useful app with great functionality.

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