X Icon Changer Customize App Icon & Shortcut

X Icon Changer Customize App Icon & Shortcut

  • Introduction:

X Icon Changer is completely free and useful software that can help you change icons and names for any software and customize them. From the gallery, other app icons, and loads of customized icon packs, you can select new icons. Our app will create a shortcut. This is the best way for your Android phone to be decorated.


ENTER X Changer Symbol. To change the symbol, select an app. Choose a new picture from the built-in icon packs, your gallery, other app icons, or custom icon packs from third parties. Edit the app’s current name (which could be null). To see the latest shortcut button, go to your home screen / desktop.

  • About the watermark:

On Android 8.0 and beyond, the device can apply a watermark to the shortcut icon automatically. We provide a way for you to alter app icons perfectly through widget technology without any marks:

  • Go to the home screen / desktop of your phone, press & hold a blank space. Then, from the pop-up menu, press ‘Widgets.’
  •  On the widgets tab, find X Icon Changer, touch & hold it, and drag it to your screen.
  • The X Icon Changer widget will open automatically. You can then alter your app icon without any markings after that Icon Changer has a lot of selected custom icon packs built in. They’re all free to get the app and those icon packs. To decorate your Android phone, just download the X Icon Changer now.
  • Functions:

The advanced editor allows you to resize and transfer any part of your custom icon. Use special philtres such as lights, shadows, textures, and bezels, and add the latest icon pack in just a few taps to your custom launcher when you’re satisfied with the result. Not only is Icon Pack Studio an icon pack creator, you can import and modify any icon pack installed on your computer, starting from version 2.

  • X Icon Changer is designed:

XIcon Changer is designed to work with the Smart Launcher, but almost any launcher works.

Launchers tested:

  • The Nova Launcher
  • Launcher operation
  • Lawnchar Launcher 
  • The Launcher Hyperion
  • The Poco Launcher.
  • The Miui Launcher.
  • Launcher for ADW
  • Launcher from Microsoft
  • The Evie Launcher
  • Full Launcher
  • Launcher Niagara
  • Home Launcher in Square
  • Launcher Apex
  • Classic Apex Launcher

  • Unsupported launchers:


  • Xperia Home Launcher
  • Aviate
  • Pixel Launcher
  • AOSP Launcher
  • Huawei Launcher
  • Yahoo Japan Launcher
  • Home Launcher
  • Samsung One UI Home
  • LINE/Dodol Launcher
  • Yandex Launcher

  • Tips from Pro:

 Send a request for an icon; open the app ⁇ Menu ⁇ Icon Request ⁇ Tap Send request ⁇Open app for wallpapers ⁇ Menu ⁇ Wallpapers ⁇ Submit. Fresh Regularly Added Wallpapers. Check for an alternative icon or find it: Long press icon to replace icon choices on the home screen ⁇ Edit ⁇ Tap icon ⁇ Pick Viral ⁇ Press the top right arrow to open icons. Swipe to enter various groups, or to find an alternative icon by using the search bar, tap Substitute, Done.

  • Material design app for easy-to-use:

Including over 200 matching wallpapers. Apply automatically to your launcher. Apply or download wallpaper easily. Scan and showcase icons. Tap to submit requests for icons. ICON PACK VIRAL: Lovely cool palette of colors. Best quality technical design.  Dynamic calendar (each day changes the icon). Shortcut types for Android O settings. Alternative icons with new colors and patterns. Alternative types of common systems: Nexus, Samsung, HTC, ASUS, LG, and more. 

  • How do you configure an icon for an app?

Changing Android app icons: How can you change the look of your apps. Check for the app icon that you want to edit. Please pick ‘Edit’. The following popup window shows you the icon of the app as well as the name of the programmer (which you can modify here as well).Tap on the app icon to select a different icon.

  • Open the ‘Shortcuts’ tab on your Phone.
  • Select the library tab (four squares forming a larger square are shown in the icon).
  • In the upper right corner, tap the plus icon to create a new shortcut.
  • Check for or pick the actions that the shortcut should take. To add an operation to the shortcut, simply tap on it.
  • The arrows pointing backwards and forwards in the upper left allow you to undo or redo your last few acts.
  • You can simply tap and hold an action whose location you want to move and then drag it to the right place if you only want to change the order of the individual actions.
  • By pressing the play button (the upper middle of the screen), you can test your shortcut.
  • Finally, by clicking the icon with the two toggle switches in the upper right corner, you can mark your shortcut.
  • Confirm by clicking “Done” when you’re done creating your shortcut.
  • Find it in the library tab to configure your shortcut. Enter the settings by pressing the symbol (three dots in a grey circle) in the upper right corner of the shortcut.
  • Then, in the upper right corner of the current screen, press the settings icon again.
  • To pick a different one, tap on the symbol. You can individually select a glyph and the app icon’s background color.

  • Conclusion:

I know a lot of people are going to believe this is a robot. But I’m serious about giving a 5-star rating to this app, because it’s so easy to use. And it made it look so gorgeous on my desktop. I recommend that you use a drawing paint app or a Photoshop editor app to edit your desktops and then use this app to apply it. But overall, I do recommend it as a great app.

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