Notion is a new editor that blends notes, tasks, wikis in one app


Notion-Notes, Tasks, Wikis

  • Introduction:

Notion is a new editor that in one app combines notes, tasks, wikis.DRAG, DROP and EDIT: For arranging any material, use drag & drop and Force Contact. Perfect for lists and to-dos to prioritise.RICH MEDIA YET: Supports images, to-dos, bookmarks, snippets of code and forms of blocks 20 +. App that assists you: Learn how best to handle your notes by doing so.To build, share and demonstrate your mind map, one click. Gather your thoughts, aid a beautiful creation. Quick way with tags to organize your tasks

  • Functions:

MAC, windows and Browser sync with: Install the browser and desktop software for the companion. The notion holds it coordinated.

Offline us: Pages you visit online are downloaded for use on the go.

Real Time Collaborate: Share your pages, and simultaneously edit, @mention, and comments together.

Organization of Folder less: Organize the content using pages that are nested. Say farewell to messy folders.

This app is the simplest, best-designed, and most versatile note-taker I’ve ever experienced, and it fixes many of the tech issues I’ve had … It has become my go-to place to store and keep track of everything, not just to-dos and shopping lists, but my ideas for posts, all the notes I take while reporting, all the assignments I need to do for those posts, and even all the items I take for a book I ‘m working on.

  • Main Functionalities
  • One click to map the mind
  • Lists which are infinitely nested
  • In any sub list, zoom
  • Simple to extend and collapse
  • Organize with drag & drop some content
  • Mark objects with tags # and @
  • Adding a note to products
  • Synchronization of the cloud
  • mark objects as complete
  • Global hunt for all text messages
  • Insert imagesĀ 
  • Alter font color (RTF). Lists infinitely nested
  • On any sub-list, zoom in
  • Etiquette and Filter List Objects
  • Lovely GUI on your computer. Complete Availability offline
  • Automatic synchronization between your cell, tablet and system. Cooperate with others Add notes to every item in the list. Merely tap to edit
  • Quick lists to extend and collapse
  • Mark things as complete. Check for full text. Much, a lot more


  • Features:

Clear and rapid view of the list. Intuitive and fancy view of maps. Add icons, videos, colors and links to maps in your mind. Extensive feature of searching. Breadcrumb navigation, favorites, and map view. In the map view, freely position able nodes. Automated node alignment. Local backups by exporting and importing. Import of files for Minds and OPML.Share a map view as a PDF or image with others. Share as export, whole mind map. Clear and modern architecture.No prerequisite for registration.No vexing commercial. In the Pro Edition, exclusive.Build boundless mind maps and nodes.Map Designer: Quickly customise the map view interface. Node Designer: Customize the individual configuration of single or multiple nodes. Add node attachments (documents, videos, audio etc.). Advanced HTML / text, OPML and Markdown exportation. Directly save single nodes as the mind map. Dark Mode and Accent Color Collection

  • What is the term used for?

Notion Laboratories Inc. Notion is an application that offers components such as databases, wikis, schedules, reminders, and kanban boards. To build their own systems for information management, note taking, data management, project management, among others, users can attach these components.

  • History

Notion Labs Inc., a San Francisco based startup, was founded in 2016. The founders refused to meet or negotiate the acquisition of a higher valuation with venture capitalists. The software was launched for web browsers and OS X in March 2016, for Microsoft Windows in May 2017, and for iOS in June 2017.The app was upgraded to Notion 2.0 in March 2018, earning recognition for product hunting as # 1 Product of the Month, and was featured in an article in WSJ. There were less than 10 employees at the firm. An official app was released for Android in June 2018.The business revealed it had reached 1 million users in September 2019.In April 2020, with 4 million customers; the company raised a round at a $2 billion valuation.

  • Is the App Notion good?

Whilst Notion is a decent wiki tool, it is not a comprehensive programmer for project management. It has all the features that you need to handle your project activities smoothly and collaborate with your team. With powerful applications for Android, Mac and iOS on Windows, it has everything you need to quickly improve productivity. Now that Notion’s available on Android, there’s an app for practically everything you care about. For editing or note-taking on the go, you can use the entire Notion feature set on smartphone, web, or Mac and Windows apps. Notion is available on the Google Play Store as a free download now. On iOS, Mac, and Windows, it is also available. Vox Media has agreements with affiliates.

  • Is the Notion open for learners?

Starting today, if you are a student or educator, you can access all the functions of a Notion Personal plan (usually $5 / month) for FREE, including unlimited storage, unlimited uploads, version history, advanced permissions, and more. Students should learn to use Notion, not just because it will help develop their learning strategies, but also because you will coordinate other aspects of your life with the workspace. The definition will act as a second brain, a backup mechanism for everything that you learn and ingest.

  • Conclusion:

This is a lovely and mind-blowing app. With the free plan, there’s just so much you can do and I’ve enjoyed organizing my content so far. As it makes the app look even neater, the dark mode is highly recommended. The selling point for me is that it’s cross-platform, so you can still take your stuff with you, either on android, iOS, or on your Windows laptop.


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