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Nimo TV- live Game Streaming

  • Introduction:

Specifically for gamers of mobile games, PC games and also a perfect place to share your everyday special moments, Nimo TV is a leading global network. Nimo TV is one of the best live-streaming mobile game applications for game lovers from all over the world. We are committed to presenting the latest sports, gaming events and live streaming to the widest range of consumers, quicker and better, through the extensive strategic partnership between Nimo TV and TENCENT Sports

  • Importance

We are determined to create a gaming community of teams, gamers, and fans who drive the discussion, as a leading global network that allows millions of gamers to play and broadcast games to other teams. Also, everybody is welcome to share their special moments on the live show channel of Nimo TV with the talent for singing, dancing or even doing a talk show. Nimo TV not only owns the world’s top and esteemed esports teams, fascinating and famous KOLs and potential streamers, we also have the exclusive type of “Bullet Screen” interactions. Real-time interaction makes it simpler and more enjoyable for streamers to connect with viewers.

  • What’s New?

Supporting 19 languages to join lovers of games from around the world. Live show channel to share everyday life with everyone. The best streamer and fan will be shown on the worldwide leaderboard.

  • Function

Watch Lives of Game: PUBG Mobile / Free Fire / Mobile Legends / League of Legends Arena of Valor and countless hot games.

Live Go: Raise money. Get rewarded on Nimo TV by sharing your gaming abilities or regular live shows. Yeah, so quick.Interaction Real-time Interact with bullet screen streamers and win prizes for the giveaways

Our Creed: It’s possible for someone who can play a game to share their experience. Anyone willing to make friends online will share their everyday lives with others.

Our Goal: We make it as easy as possible for gamers worldwide to showcase their skills and knowledge, entertain new fans, and capture the latest online interaction for gamers.

Our View:  It links players at home, abroad, and wherever and wherever you can play a game.

  • Highlights of Feature:
  • Play Pro: Book with your favourite streamer or Pro player for 1-1 private gaming sessions! Rank up, get coaching, or just hang out with your favourite streamer for some private time.
  • Omlet Plus Plus 
  • Power-up your ALL NEW premium features sources, including: Unlimited, high-resolution, Omlet, Twitch, Twitter , and Facebook web multi-streaming
  • Personal connexion to RTMP so that you can stream to any other platform
  • Special animated frames of profiles
  • To your favourite platform, free live streaming
  • Share awesome and great game moments with other gamers by streaming popular mobile games: PUBG on Mobile, Fortnite, Minecraft, Brawl Stars directly to Omlet, Facebook lite, Twitter, or Twitch from your phone (5.0 and higher on Android).
  •  HUDs for streaming
  • Upgrade with new seasonal and gamer overlays to your stream.
  • Donations and in-app currencies
  • Display gratitude by buffering them with Omlet tokens on your favourite streamers. To purchase cool in-app features, spend tokens.
  • Streaming Team: For a friendly, social gaming experience, build a team, invite friends, and stream together.
  • The Multiplayer Mode of Minecraft
  • Join your friends’ Minecraft games immediately or host your own through our unique multiplayer mode. Download new worlds and mods with just one click from our group of developers. Share your creations and work to create something spectacular with others.
  • Voice Chat in-game
  • Unlimited real-time voice chat for groups makes it easy for your squad to organise in-game attacks or just chill and talk.
  •  Build clubs and join them
  • Join people that like you to share awesome games, drawing, anime, roleplay, memes, whatever you like, and talk about

  • Is there money we can receive from Nimo TV?

It has a ranking system on top of that, whereby the top hundred streamers can rake in prizes of up to US$ 1,000. If you’re a gamer with a gift from Gab, you may have just what it takes to be a Nimo TV streamer.The video game broadcasting network has just launched its services in Southeast Asia, and is currently available with multi-language support in the Philippines, Malaysia , Indonesia , Thailand and Vietnam. You can find streams of famous games on it, such as the Battlefield of Player Unknown (PUBG), Mobile Legends, Dota 2, and live online access to esports events and tournaments.

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  • Live streaming: In the live video streaming sphere, Livestream is potentially the industry leader.
  • With Stream Now.
  • Live from Twitter.
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  • Functions:

Appealing anchors: Exclusive, talented and charming star-show beauties. Beauties of the novice, shy and innocent. There’s one you really need. Live game:24 hours of live, famous games. Join the millions of players who are hardcore and casual. Discover new games that are trending. Broadcast one-click:The cell phone also supports one-click broadcasting, in addition to computer broadcasting. Anytime, anywhere, you can share your happiness. As long as you are interested in your soul, you can be the brightest star. Video multiplayer chat:Help up to 6 individuals to interact through video, meet friends from all over the world, and witness multiculturalism ‘s passion and collision.

  • Conclusion:

It’s a best and great for Live streaming games. It’s fun to watch the video. I liked this app. Really nice it works no lag no glitch if you need a better internet company if somebody has these issues.

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