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AnkiDroid Flashcards

  • Introduction:

AnkiDroid lets you really easily practice flashcards by showing them right before you forget. It is fully compliant with the Anki (including synchronisation) spaced repetition programme, available for Windows / Mac / Linux / ChromeOS. Wherever and whenever you like, learn all kinds of things. Make good use of idle periods on bus journeys, or any other waiting situation in store queues. Build your own flashcard decks or download free decks (more than 6000 available) compiled for many languages and topics. Add materials via the Anki desktop application or directly via Ankidroid. The programme also supports the automated addition of content from a dictionary.

  • Main characteristics:
  • Supported material for flashcards: text, photos, sounds, LaTeXX
  • Spaced repetition (algorithm for Supermemo 2)
  • Integration of text- to-speech
  • Over 6000 premade decks 
  • Progress widget 
  • Comprehensive statistics
  • AnkiWeb synchronization
  • Write Responses (optional)
  • Whiteboard 
  • The card editor / adder
  •  Browser card
  •  Layout of tablets
  •  Import current (via Anki Desktop) collection files
  • Integration of a dictionary (ColorDict, GoldenDict,, Aedict, various online dictionaries)
  • Adding cards from other programmes such as dictionaries by purpose
  • Custom font support; Custom font support
  • Total framework for backup
  • Swipe, tap, shake navigation 
  • Absolutely customisable
  • Dynamic management of decks
  • Night Mode 27 places

  • Additional Information about Features:

With photographs, you can create flashcards. Text to speech function that is playable in the background.It is possible to build Excel / Google Spreadsheet cards on a PC.Flashcard data generated in another application can also be imported.Share your flashcards easily with someone in CSV format.The word ‘s definition can be tested on the web with just one tap.By displaying a flashcard on the lock screen automatically, it is possible to continue learning every day. Check if the speech recognizer function can be pronounced correctly.You can make vocabulary cards by using your favourite sound source or international video as a listening material.Notify at the time of card formation of the presence of duplicate cards.Text-to-speech, shuffle, back-side start, folder, tag, card quest, etc. All of the features needed for the application of word books are included. Learn through card games.You can verify the responses in the list view by hiding them.The reading speed and automatic card flipping can be changed.Automatic replication in the following order: front->back->front(again).Slow playback of video from a foreign language that is too easy to listen to.There are 51 languages available for text-to – speech, including English, Japanese , Chinese, French, Italian , German and Korean. Paste your flashcard with a web image.Paste a photo on a flashcard on your computer.On your flashcard, paste the web address.Several cards are arranged by tags and folders.

  • What makes AnkiDroid Flashcards special?

Anki App is an application for English learning developed based on the way children learn. Children understand the image-related vocabulary and record all of them in the brain. That language can immediately “turn out” quickly when you see those pictures in real life. Anki App will help you learn more easily and retain vocabulary five times longer with the intelligent word loop process.

  • How appealing are AnkiDroid Flashcards?

Easy to remember pictures to learn English vocabulary with flashcards. The Anki Approach lets you concentrate on cards that are hard to recall and increases your ability to remember familiar flashcards that shorten your learning time.Eliminate the normal learning form of dull flashcards.Individualize the vocabulary you need to learn. An advertising-free, universal learning programme for flashcards. Centered on an sophisticated algorithm of “spaced repetition”. 10-50 times more effective than memorising flashcards on paper. It has FREE vocabulary built-in in 33 languages, 700-1200 words each. It has robust support functions. Multiple-choice, whiteboard, various keyboards and audio recording as choices for addressing. Picture quest, images, audio recording and translation wizards. Completely endorsed Cloze texts. Import Anki, AnyMemo, Email, MS Word, and Excel files. 

  • How does the AnkiDroid app function?

When you look at a flashcard for the first time, try to guess the vocabulary by illustration. Swift to the right, if the vocabulary is already understood. If you don’t know yet, touch the picture, terms, context and examples will be shown in the system to remember vocabulary. To better understand the photo, you can also add notes. Remember to turn to the left later to learn the word. The system records complicated vocabulary for you, so you can go to the “hard word” site to read it. If you switch around 5 rounds of vocabulary a day, it ensures that all 3000 words are memorised within a month. • Real multi-directional flashcard learning.  7 enjoyable game modes (hang-man, multiple-choice, number listening. Up to 8 text fields per card (to be used for genders, instances, additional images, web links, etc. You can import card stacks from Anki, Quizlet. optimised for massive databases with multi-level sub-stacks (I have > 20 000 cards in mine). 27 charts to document the progress of learning.

  • What’re you going to learn?

Memorize censored and chosen vocabulary in vibrant images and concrete examples from English teachers easily, such as: 3000 Most Popular English Vocabulary. More than 3000 English words chosen by more than 70 Oxford language professionals are the most popular words in a number of fields that will help you rapidly develop your general English vocabulary. 600 important TOEIC vocabulary. Contains the most essential vocabulary that must be learned by any TOEIC learner.

  • Conclusion:

The app is really nice, for ease of use, moved from laptop to my phone and to make it easier for me to do my anki while not having to go through the laptop’s trouble. I ‘d rate it.


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