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It is a mobile application featuring Pakistan free of any kind abuse. A creative approach to the prevention of any kind of abuse use in society is being proposed by the Ministry of Narcotics Control & UNODC. The goal of this app is to revolutionise substance abuse prevention and treatment. It is intended to provide resources and educate people in classrooms, neighbourhoods and the workplace to minimise opioid dependence. The full range of awareness, prevention & recovery, rehabilitation locations, success storeys and a supportive group is included in this app to help and meditate on effects.


  • Awareness: One of the most critical tasks of the Ministry of Narcotics Control & UNODC is to shield our nation’s youth from the dangers. A summary of this, their risks and how addicts act with them will be given by this app. 
  •  Prevention and Recovery: Exchange of effective treatment methods for this abuse and addiction.
  • Rehabilitation / Success Stories: Efficacy has been shared by rehabilitated patients. 
  • Nearby Treatment Facilities & Medical Care Place: Addresses have been shared with public residents of licenced Rehab Centers.
  • Self-Assessment: 25 everyday items and reports created for self-reflection. 
  • Diary: Your significant tasks can be recorded and reminders set. 
  • For our reflection, read everyday traditions throughout the year. 
  • To achieve close proximity to the Imam of the time, Hazrat Imam Mohammad Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) read articles every Friday.


Zindagi’s aim is to make it easier for the public to check or discover the criminal record or past of any entity they are dealing with, such as employee verification, marriage or business dealings, etc. This application was launched by the Punjab Police and PSCA to provide easy public access via CNIC to any individual’s criminal history record. It will allow you to verify a person’s record by testing if a FIR has been reported against them. The criminal record can be identified / searched / checked. You will have to sign up first to verify a person’s criminal record after downloading this application. If the person being checked is a criminal and any FIR has been reported against them, the record will show you that person’s information, including the photo of the criminal and the name of the police station where the FIR was reported against him. According to the Human Development Report (2018), the Unified National Development Programme, i.e. 64 percent, is young across the world, where 29 percent of Pakistani citizens are 15-29 years old, and as expected, it will continue in 2050. The students are social and national assets. Business HEIs / universities operate across Pakistan with a total of 216 public (133) and private (83), with a total enrolment of 1.857 million in 2018-19.

Who and Why launched this App:

At an event in Islamabad on Monday, Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the Zindagi app, a mobile application featuring narcotics control detail. Addressing the incident, the premier said that they are destroying the lives of the youth of the world. “There was a time when we all heard that only in universities were involved .They are present in schools today,” noted the prime minister.Our adolescents, the most vulnerable component of our population, are exposed to these because they do not have maturity. Prime Minister Imran said that the second problem that afflicts people is child violence. People do not want to speak about this problem because of stigma, but the report by our government has shown that it is an epidemic. “Mobile phones have escalated the situation in this matter. On an emergency basis, we have agreed to combat both these problems,” he declared. Nevertheless, the prime minister emphasised that it is not the duty of either the police or any single agency to monitor the two challenges, saying: “The entire country will have to cooperate to combat these problems.” Zindagi has a “full range of awareness, prevention and recovery, rehabilitation sites, success storeys and a supportive group to help and meditate on drug victims,” according to the app’s definition. It can be downloaded from the Google Play store and from the Apple App Store. A book to raise awareness of drugs was also released on that day. Prime Minister Imran emphasised the need to implement the book in all schools to increase knowledge and awareness about the issue, Radio Pakistan said.

Focus of this App:

According to a statement from the PM Office, the app focuses on building a drug-free society and will warn users about the dangers and hazards of this use. In an attempt to avoid penetration in the city, it was implemented by the government. Parents should keep a watch on their children and realise that they will also turn to another if their child is addicted to this, ”he warned.The premier admitted that when disclosing child violence and substance use to authorities, individuals face social scrutiny, but encouraged parents to shake off the stigma. It provides a positive impact on our community until we crack this stigma,” he said. Abuse mafias were involved in this supply but the government was doing its best to counter them, he said.


A very strong initiative, of course. After watching the inauguration ceremony, I just downloaded the programme. A wonderful and very supportive app for senior citizens who smoke, etc. And beneficial for the young generation as well and the successful attempt to raise awareness of drugs.

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