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Boo-Video Status Maker


Boo is an app that lets you transform your photos into awesome videos within seconds. If you’ve ever wanted to impress your friends with awesome short videos, then you’ve come to the right place where you can easily find your choice of video template and make your choice of videos. Using your pictures, making vfly videos (tiktok video, likee) is a super cool option. Add template images to create magic video effects that belong to you.With this MV master app, birthday, wedding, affection, good morning wishes, good night wishes and other special effect templates.

  • Characteristics:
  • The amount of impressive video models
  • Magic, anniversary, birthday, special videos for lyrics and festival
  • Attach pictures of your own
  • Videos from Preview and Export
  • Fast icons to Save and Share
  • Free video programme, free application for video editors 
  • Quick to use software for professional editing 
  • Find pictures in your set. You can pick many images 
  • It is a photo editing application that supports image editing before video production. With more functions: add text, adhesives, crop images 
  • You should crop music before going to the video to add music to the slideshow. 
  • A lot of free themes in the app with beautiful and advanced effects available 
  • A lot of frames for pictures. Connect frames to build y-frames.
  • By adjusting the time between videos, set the video speed as quickly as you want. 
  • Save videos automatically to your Android computer 
  • Share videos via your favourite applications such as Mail, Instagram , Facebook, Twitter


  • How to use:

Browse the models for the video and choose the one you want. Select your favorite images. Click on EXPORT. You are done


  • Effects: 
  1. For your images, you can select slideshow animations. 
  2. Photo frames will make your pictures more eye-catching. 
  3. Music from Backgroud is totally free. 
  4. Cool photo philtres for video slideshows are absolutely necessary. 
  5. You can add text to slideshow files. 
  6. Emoji, sticks, will make video pictures more vibrant. 
  7. Duration Animation. 
  8. Mode of Picture Suit. 
  9. Rotation of images.


  • Tools:


720P/1080P HD export with no quality loss and no length limit is given by the Filmigo video editor. You can save the video or slideshow at any time in your draught or album. Besides, the video and slideshow are made more appealing by blurred context and voice enhancement features.

Beautiful effect: We have a lot of complex free effects and just one click to create fantastic videos of music or perfect slideshow, movies instantly. By editing your images into great videos, video makers find it more enticing to catch attention on social media.

Music: Video creator-picture slideshow with 5 melodies open. To make your videos fun and engaging, you can also add your favourite songs from your device to 

Slideshow of frame and time: Provides a selection of beautiful frames to make exclusive images. Depending on the duration you choose, the speed of the video presentation is quick or slow.With Video Maker with Music & Video Editor, it’s tempting and fun to create videos with images , music, and more. You can build your video in a creative way to have fun videos with text, effects, stickers, picture philtres, transitions, sound effects and almost everything you want. You can make video images, video music-slideshows. The app allows users to choose music from your phone, only pick your favourite images, making a beautiful video slideshow. 

Create and share with your friends a picture slideshow shot. This is a free application for video and music production.

Video Maker Photo: 

Making images and music videos: selecting your favourite photos, customising effect transitions, editing photos, adding music to the library or computer, selecting the frame that matches the theme you’re creating, adding video layer overlays to the live layer effect, Select the appropriate time of transition for the images. Edit images right in the video picture creator to make photos look better than ever before. Export videos to the resolution you pick from the music video producer, wait a bit and Enjoy the video artwork you’ve just created from images and music.

Save Video Maker Draft 

 You can save the currently edited video as a draught with Video Creator and continue to edit or publish videos in the future. 

Cutter for video: 

With the fast video cutter, a powerful, compact feature built into the application, get rid of any part of the video that you want. Cut videos, cut movies, cut video clips or videos available on your computer from videos produced by the video maker

Merger video: 

Pair 2 or more videos together, join images and music video producers, strongly pair videos on your computer. To enjoy the videos and videos produced by this feature, you will not have to wait long. 

 Share Music & Photo Video Maker: 

When sharing videos created from Video Creator, you can get the rain of likes and hearts from your social network of friends, relatives and loves. Download the software, publish and post the video now

Subtitles in Art: 

This intro maker / video cutter has a range of text types and fonts for you to choose from. To make funny and innovative original videos, we also provide good video editing features. In the meantime, our VIP privilege includes HD export and exclusive functionality, as well as no ads and watermarks.


  • Conclusion

With this movie editor / slideshow creator, it is simple and fun to create a video with images, music, and other elements. In an imaginative and customized way, you can beautify your videos with subtitles, backgrounds, transitions, stickers and almost everything you want.

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